Sunday, March 2, 2014

Beyond bestsellers

I'll admit it. I'm a book snob. While I don't begrudge others their reading tastes, I've usually found that many of the books that "everyone" is reading fail to engage me. We live in an age where recommendations and "likes" from friends have a greater influence than expert evaluations. However, I've found that I have better luck following my own inclinations and tastes when choosing what to read. The more people I see reading the same book on the bus, the less likely I am to want to read it. 

So, what do I like? It's hard to pin down. If forced to define it, I'd say the majority of my reading falls into three categories: contemporary literary fiction, historical fiction, and literary classics. I'm more interested in character than in plot. I like to be intellectually engaged when I read, and I want to learn something, whether it's about human nature, the details of daily life during a particular time period, or a novel way to structure a narrative. While I don't read a lot of genre fiction, I recognize that good and bad writing exists in all genres.

In this blog, I hope to create a quiet place to curl up with good literature, and engage others with similar tastes. Happy reading!

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